Programa para instalar Windows desde dispositivo USB

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Programa para instalar Windows desde dispositivo USB

Mensaje por lo_jorge » Mié Ago 19, 2009 8:12 pm

Win Setup From USB, le da la posibilidad de crear un instalador de Windows XP/2003/Vista en un dispositivo USB como memorias, Discos externos, etc reduciendo drásticamente el tiempo de instalación.

Lo he probado para Windows XP MODIFICADO con nLite, pese a que no es recomendado por el autor, me ha funcionado.

La imagen no es mía sino de otro sitio.

FUENTE: Win Setup From USB Overview


Latest - vers. 0.2.3 - 06.July.2009
Download: 0.2.3 mirror

- RMPrepUSB replaced HP USB format tool and PEtoUSB, thanks to Steve6375 from forums making RMPrepUSB package and letting me include and redistribute it.
- Grub4dos bootsector&MBR detection and installation changed.
- added possibility to boot other ISOs, which can boot using grub4dos CD emulation. Here you can find number of examples: ... topic=5041

vers. 0.2.2 - 15.June.2009
Download: 0.2.2 mirror

- MkMigrateInf.cmd updated for some systems with strange MountedDevices values. (thanks to cdob)
- added several check if grub4dos bootsector was installed properly, if not- grub4dos MBR is written instead. The problem appears on some Vista/7 systems and NTFS formatted USB sticks.
- fixed touchdrv.exe execution syntax (thanks to Wimb)

vers. 0.2.1 - 09.Apr.2009
Download: 0.2.1 mirror

- fixed an issue with grubinst on some systems where the backup files do not appear in the program directory
- NTFS warning message displayed once only

vers. 0.2.0 - 06.Apr.2009
Download: 0.2.0 mirror

- boot from USB disk is now required TWICE only, first start of Windows can be performed from the internal disk
- DOSNET.INF parsing redone
- program install and windows source now supported in paths containing spaces
- winnt.sif unattended section is now FULLY supported, including custom directories and drivers paths
- presetup.cmd checks if boot filea are present on the target disk and if not copies them. Useful for 2000 installs
- binifix5.cmd is launched before start of GUI mode, new option intruduced '/norepair', which will not add USB repair entry in boot.ini
- added extra entries in BOOT.INI to test if getting HAL.DLL/NTOSKRNL.EXE not found errors
- Windows setup tag files are copied to USB drive root in order to support some BTS DP base versions
- GParted replaced with PartedMagic, versions above 3.0 are supported
- grub4dos updated to the 0.4.4 Final
- syslinux.exe updated to 3.73
- QEMU updated to the latest 0.9.1 snapshot, which should support Vista
- various other fixes

vers. 0.1.1 - 23.Oct.2008
Download: 0.1.1 mirror

vers. 0.1 - 16.Oct.2008
Download: 0.1 mirror

vers. 0.1 Beta - 08.Sept.2008
Download: 0.1 Beta mirror

vers. 0.1 Alpha - 11.July.2008- initial release
0.1 Alpha
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