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Algunas dudas

Mensaje por lexcord » Vie Feb 25, 2005 9:04 pm

Hola, tengo una placa base elitegroup p4s5a/dx+, micro celeron 2ghz,1ghz DDR de ram, ati radeon 9600 de 128mb,sb live 1024. Mi pregunta es, si cambio el micro por un PIV prescott 3Ghz, notare mucha diferencia, por ejemplo al jugar¿? Sabeis si mi placa base admite este micro?. Muchas gracias por vuestras respuestas. Un saludo :(

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Mensaje por rd12686950 » Sab Feb 26, 2005 1:42 pm

Estas son las caracteristicas de tu placa:
Main Chipset
SiS 645(XP4) Northbridge, SiS 961 Southbridge chipset
Supports Intel® Pentium 4 478 processors
Supports clock speed 1.4 ~ 2.0GHz
Supports 400MHz Front-Side BUS speeds
Socket 478 motherboard
Memory Support
2 DDR DIMM Sockets and 2 DIMM sockets support (CAN NOT be used at the same time)
Two 184-pin 2.5V DDR* (Double Date Rate) SDRAM (DDR266/DDR200) or
Two 168-pin 3.3V SDRAM (PC133/PC100)
Maximum installed memory is 1GB
* DDR SDRAM provides 800MBps or 1 GBps data transfer depending on whether the bus is 100MHz or 133MHz. It doubles the rate to 1.6 GBps and 2.1 GBps by transferring data on both the rising and falling edges of the clock. DDR SDRAM uses additional power and ground lines and requires 184-pin 2.5V
* DDR DIMM Manufacture List
Expansion Slots
One AMR slot for a special Communications Networking Riser card
One AGP 2.0 compliant 4X AGP slot
Five 32-bit PCI slots for PCI 2.2 compliant bus interface
AMR Slot
Audio/Modem Riser slot supports 56K V.90 HSP AMR FAX/Modem module
Enhanced IDE Controller
Primary and Secondary IDE channels
Supports PIO (programmable input/output) modes 0 -4
Supports Multiword DMA modes
Supports UltraDMA 33/66/100 and BUS mastering
4X AGP slot that provides eight times the bandwidth of the original AGP specification. AGP technology provides a direct connection between the graphics sub-system and memory so that the graphics do not have to complete for processor time with other devices on the PCI bus
Power Supply and Power Management
ATX power supply connector
ACPI and legacy PMU support
Supports keyboard power on/off
Supports RTC Alarm, Wake On Modem, AC97 Wake-Up and USB Wake-Up
Onboard Sound System
AC97 2.1 specification compliant
Support 18-bit ADC (Analog Digital Converter) and DAC (Digital Analog Converter)
as well as 18-bit stereo full-duplex codec
Onboard LAN
Built-in 10 BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet LAN
Embedded Fast Ethernet MAC and onboard Realtek RTL8201 LAN PHY compliant with IEEE802.3u
In compliance with ACPI 1.0 and the Network Device Class Power Management 1.0
High Performance achieved by 100Mbps clock generator and data recovery circuit for 100Mbps receiver
Hardware Monitoring
Built-in hardware monitoring for CPU & System temperatures, fan speeds and mainboard voltages.
Onboard I/O Ports
Provides PC'99 color-coded connectors for easy peripheral connection
Floppy disk controller with 1Mb/s transfer rate
One 16550 UART fast serial ports
One MIDI/Game port
One EPP and ECP parallel port
Two USB ports and two back-panel USB headers providing four extra ports support
PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
One IrDA Header
Onboard Flash ROM (BIOS)
Supports Plug and Play configuration of peripheral devices and expansion cards
Bundled Software
PC-Cillin2000 provides automatic virus protection under Windows 95/98/NT/2000
MediaRing Talk provides PC to PC or PC to Phone internet phone communication
WinDVD2000 is a DVD playback application (optional)
Package Contents
One P4S5A motherboard
User's manual
Retention modules (already mounted on the board)
One diskette drive ribbon cable
One IDE drive ribbon cable and bracket
One auto-install software support CD v7.0 VI
Two CPU retention damp
AMR v.90 56K Fax/Modem card (optional)
ATX form factor 12" x 8.5" (30.5cm x 24.4cm)
4 layer PCB

Espero que te sea util.